This time of year our turn over rate is very large. Horses come in large numbers and we do our best to keep this page updated. Please contact Kerry for available horses. You can also check out our page on Facebook, Ballyclare Farm Off Track Thoroughbreds.

All horses may be available for sale or lease, please contact Kerry at 301-642-1997 or for details. Click images to view larger size.

Horses for Adoption

See the horses that have already found new homes.

'Madaket Road'
'12 16.3+ Gelding

*SOLD* **Roadie is back and available due to his new owners health. He has been restarted and is a lovely boy. He is definitely more of a push ride but has a great mouth and is very willing** 'Roadie' is an energetic, confident young horse with a big opinion. Roadie is very large bodied with great bone and we expect him to grow quite a bit more. He is a fresh, fit horse recently retired (11/20) after only one start. This guy is full of personality and will grab you, or the barn cats, as you walk by his stall. Roadie retired with a strained tendon that was caught early and expected to heal with zero limitations. He will be turned out and evaluated after some time to relax.

'Run It Back'
'10 17.2 Gelding

*SOLD* Troy is a very big boned, stunning guy. He is off the track 5/16 and has been lightly restarted. He is extremely brave and willing but better suited for a confident rider simply because he is a big, strong horse. He has good manners and a sweet, personable personality.

'Grandstand Man'
'13 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Adorable young gelding with a great personality and zero issues. This guy has a great shoulder and hind end with a lovely eye. Recently off the track with great manners Grandstand is an excellent prospect for just about anything.

'Jacob Marley'
'12 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Super cute gelding off the track February '16. Jacob is bred well by Ghost Zapper and has lovely conformation. He has excellent ground manners and stands well on crossties. Jacob just raced a couple weeks ago so is currently relaxing however we have hopped on him to evaluate his personality. He is a quiet boy that will be very easy to bring along.

'13 16.3+ Gelding

*SOLD* This striking boy is just off the track (2/3/16) and a big baby. He would benefit from some time out to grow up. He is unraced and only has 3 published works and was just not going to make it as a racehorse. Smiles will finish as a big horse and has impeccable conformation.

'Count To Seven'
'08 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Seven is just off the track (2/3/16) but is laid back and quiet. He is built like a quarter horse and appears to have the brain as well. He has a very cute face and sweet, curious attitude.

'Cover Shoot'
'10 16.3+ Gelding

*SOLD* 'Grayson', is a big solid 5 year old gelding with tons of bone. He sticks a hair under 17 hands but has the presence of a much bigger horse. Grayson has great feet and completely clean legs. He is a beautiful mover with a great balanced canter and natural lead change. He is only started over fences but shows huge potential with a very tight front end. He could easily hold his own at the big shows as a hunter or quickly move up the levels eventing. This guy is easy to ride, with no nonsense or funny business and goes in a happy mouth loose ring. On the ground Grayson has a funny personality, making faces and tilting his head in hopes of a treat. He cross ties, trailers, stands for vet/farrier ect and has no vices. Price will increase with training this is a lovely horse we all enjoy bringing along. We are currently doing a combination of ground work and riding on the flat to bring him along slowly.

'Jan's Last Dance'
'12 16.1+ gelding

*SOLD* 'Snippy' is an adorable, big bodied youngster. He has a gorgeous head and lovely large shoulder. Snippy is lightly raced and recently retired. He is currently turned out and will be restarted this winter. He is a friendly, easy going guy with no vices and good manners.

'Emperors Tune'
'09 16.2 Gelding

*SOLD* 'Scooby' is a lovely, correct prospect. He has a beautiful face and kind eye. Scooby is a lovely flat-kneed mover that would clean up in the hunter ring. He has excellent ground manners and is a push ride requiring lots of leg.

'Amber Coast'
'10 16h Gelding

*SOLD* Amber is our steal of the month! He could use a little tlc. His coat and feet were not in the best shape when he got here but he is very well bred and retired sound from a nice career. All this cutie needs is some good nutrition and you will have yourself a very nice horse. He is the favorite to ride with a soft mouth and forward but easy attitude. Amber will stand all day, and let you clip his face, ears, and belly while falling asleep. He has quickly taken over everyone's hearts in the barn and given the chance will steal yours too!

'Lizards Repent'
'08 16h Gelding

*SOLD* 'Shakespeare' is calm, cool, and collected. This boy is a gorgeous seal bay with roaning, tons of chrome, and a very eye catching blaze. He retired sound after a successful career of 52 starts and like most horses with a long career is all business. He goes in a rubber snaffle and is extremely balanced.

'Wajir On Me'
'04 17.1 TB Gelding

*SOLD* Wajir is a phenomenal athlete. He is a war horse with an outstanding 108 starts and retired sound! Wajir is obviously built to last, standing tall with a very uphill build at 17.1. He has seen it all and is very quiet and safe. His enormous upright shoulder give him great talent in dressage but he also steps over a 3' jump with ease. Wajir is a sweet, sensitive horse that bonds with people and would do anything for you. He loves learning and having a job, obvious with his success as a racehorse. He has zero vices or lameness issues.

'Lite Up The Nite'
'06 16.1+ Gelding

*SOLD* 'Max' has been off the track awhile and went through Ballyclare last year. His owner has had some changes in her life and had to give him up so he is here again looking for a home. He is a very big bodied boy with an outstanding honest and powerful jump. He is still relatively green with his flatwork but will hack out quietly and jump anything. He does retain every ride and learn quickly. Nice horse that would excel as an event horse, foxhunter, or anything you want. No buck, rear, lameness issues, or vices.

'Crash The Party'
'11 16.3+ gelding

*SOLD* Crash has been restarted and boy is he lovely! This stocky boy has the movement and talent to go very far and the temperament any amateur could easily bring along. He's a lazy boy that can be ridden with spurs and a crop but will move without them. He has no spook or buck and a soft mouth going in a kk loose ring. Crash has a very naturally balanced canter you can sit to all day and his huge shoulder gives him a wonderful big trot with tons of suspension. He is a barn favorite that plays with toys but will stand on cross ties all day. Very nice prospect that will not last long, price to increase with training.

'Mine N Gem'
'07 16.2 gelding

*SOLD* Gem is recently off the track and the quietest, sweetest horse we have seen in years! He retired sound after a successful career but does have larger ankles. Gem has already given lessons and taken boyfriends on trail rides with a western saddle. He is a big, fancy horse with a personality fit for anyone.

'Football Rusher'
'01 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Vogue is a well schooled 14 year old tb gelding. He came off the track years ago and competed in combined tests and jumpers. His owner then went to college so he became a pet for several years just hanging out. Vogue has been with us a couple months now and is looking for a forever home. We just took him to a hunter show where he cleaned up and was a perfect gentleman all day. He trailers well and has no problem standing around for hours. Vogue is a very nice mover with excellent form over fences. He is currently barefoot living out 24/7. This is a very nice horse ready to step in to the ring of your choice.

'Sherian's Estate'
'11 17h Mare

*SOLD* Bliss is all legs with a pretty, baby face. Her owner and trainer had high hopes for her as a racehorse but track life just did not suit her. With only 6 starts she retired sound and clean legged. She was however very sour when in her stall at the track so has been turned out enjoying life all winter. She has gained weight and is a total sweetheart now. Bliss will be available after she is started back in to work and shows enormous potential as a show horse. She is very quiet and businesslike under saddle and has a huge stride.

'Faithful Sinner'
'09 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* 'Homeboy' is an upper level prospect that everyone drools over. This horse has the heart the thoroughbred is bred for and luckily was blessed with the talent to go with it. He is a stunning boy that soaks up attention and demands more. He will grab your clothing as you walk by and pull you over to visit. Under saddle he is bold, brave, and will take you to the jumps. This horse shows huge potential as a jumper or event horse but would also stand out in the hunt field. He is a lovely mover, very balanced and a very fun ride. He is being brought along as a jumper but has cross country schooled and loved it! Please inquire for price as it is increasing quickly. Absolutely no vices or soundness issues.

'Pub Pub Pub'
'11 16.1 gelding

*SOLD* Pub is a very solid, big bodied boy with a lot of personality. He is very playful and enjoys toys and another young friend to rough house with. Pub is 100% sound and only had 9 starts at the track. He got here 5/24 and is currently turned out. He has a splint that has current X-rays and will not limit him at all.

'Sneaky Feat'
'11 16.1+ Gelding

*SOLD* Harley came off the track April 19. While on the track he was used as a pony to give him time to mature. After this he was tried in one race where he was confused and stood in the gate when the other horses took off. Now he is here and starting training as a sport horse. Harley is an extremely nice horse with a great brain. He has tons of bone and is very big bodied. He has no vices or soundness issues. Harley's price will increase quickly with training.

'I'm In A Mood'
'09 15.3 mare

*SOLD* Moody has not lived up to her name! If she's in a mood it's a good one. A very lady like, delicate mare, Moody is as sweet as they come. She has a gorgeous face and is a surprisingly huge mover with a ton of suspension. She has been evaluated under saddle where she was kick-on quiet and very willing to please.

'08 16.2 Mare

*SOLD* Big, elegant mare recently off the track. She had a very successful career and retired sound. Very classy girl with outstanding manners and desire to please. Large ankles from the track but has raced on them and is sound (she will flex sound). Very well behaved under tack and hacks around the farm on the buckle. Nice mare with beautiful face and personality. No vices. She is currently living out in very light work.

'Rich's Gold Medal'
'10 17.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Richie came off the track April 19 after a successful career. He retired sound and is currently enjoying some down time to relax. He is very tall, leggy, and elegant with a very quiet demeanor. Richie is easy to work around and has excellent ground manners. He is a top level prospect for just about anything and will be available after some time off.

'Party Prince'
'10 16h Gelding

*SOLD* Prince came off the track April 9 and is currently turned out enjoying some time off. He is laid back but has a ton of personality. This guy will be a barn favorite with his sweet nature but mischievous attitude! He is not a huge horse but is a huge mover. Prince is 100% sound with no injuries. He is not a cribber but will grab on to everything with his mouth so may figure it out if bored or not given plenty of turn out. This is a very enthusiastic horse that will love any job given to him and bonds with people fast. He was family raised and it's obvious he was well loved and pampered. Grab this guy before his price goes up when he starts training.

'10 16.3 Gelding

*SOLD* Patriot is a very flashy, super easy prospect. This pretty boy could do just about anything! He has the movement for hunters but also carries himself in a lovely frame for dressage and shows huge potential over fences. He is kick on quiet and has zero buck or spook in him. Patriot had a short career on the track with his last race being the Gold Cup on October 23. He is currently living out and in light work.

'Call Me Lassie'
'11 17h Mare

*SOLD* Lassie is a beautiful, tall girl. She is all legs with a gorgeous, refined face. She is still growing a filling out and has wonderful, big feet. She is recently off the track and currently turned out and doing trail rides. Lassie can be a little nervous on the ground but is very quiet under saddle. She is extremely sweet and will do very well with her own person. Lassie has no soundness issues or vices.

'Ask Marlene'
'11 15.2 Mare

*SOLD* Marly is a very big bodied, big moving mare that just isn't very tall. She is very stocky and easily passes for a quarter horse. Marly is recently off the track and currently turned out. She is low in the herd and very sweet. She has no injuries or vices.

'09 16.2 Mare

*SOLD* Beautiful and sweet! This girl is just in but has not raced since July. She is easy to deal with, has great manners, and is striking. She is big and solid and will be a lovely, easy girl to bring along.

'11 17.2+ Gelding

*SOLD* Twoggeron is an extremely fancy upper level prospect. He is a big, kind horse with tons of expression. This boy is recently off the track and although he only had 1 start will benefit from some time off.

'Let The Sparks Fly'
'11 16.1 Gelding

*SOLD* Sparky is super cute in looks and personality. He is one of our favorites and when he grows up will be an awesome event horse or hunter. Sparky is a great mover and is sound barefoot. He has an adorable baby face and is very playful. Sparky is currently turned out and ready to begin training for a new career. He has no vices or lameness issues.

'Late Start'
'11 17h Gelding

*SOLD! This lucky boy will be staying here at Ballyclare and starting training as a hunter this spring. Congratulations Jade Ladow!* Late Start is a stunning, big youngster. He came off the track 12/9 and will need some time to be let down. Keep an eye out in the future for this beautiful boy.

'09 16h TB gelding

*SOLD* Teddy is an unraced, homebred TB gelding. He looks like a wb cross and moves like one too! He moves very freely through his shoulder and has a great foundation in dressage. Right now he is barefoot but may do better in front shoes if in heavy work. Teddy just came in last week (8/14) so we will need some more time to thoroughly access his behavior and ability.

'Sweet Roselle'
'10 16h TB mare

*SOLD* Dolly is a beautiful, big bodied mare. She is a phenomenal mover and has a very correct jump. Dolly has a lead change and is started over fences. This mare has the movement for hunters but is also athletic enough for jumpers or to event. This is a girl for mare lovers. She has an opinion but when asked nicely she will give 110%. Dolly has no buck, rear, or spook and is lazy. She has no vices and is 100% sound and healthy.

'Country Love'

*SOLD* Dillon is a big, powerful horse with an enthusiastic personality. This guy loves to work! He is a big mover with a very nice jump. He does nothing mean or dangerous but feels good and can be a handful on trails. Dillon has large ossolets but is sound. They have been x-rayed and the joints are clean.

'Bethany Breeze'
'09 15.1 TB mare

*SOLD* Breezy is only off the track a couple weeks and currently turned out. Despite her petite size she has great conformation and a very pretty face. She is a sweetheart that also did fairly well on the track. She is a big mover for a little girl and very athletic. She will be an easy project to bring along. Breezy does have a club foot that does not affect her soundness. She is however currently foot sore due to lack of any farrier care for quite some time before she came to us. After this is addressed she will have zero limitations and be a very nice little horse. Breezy is available for a very small adoption fee to a great home.

'Winning Quest'
'09 16h Gelding

*SOLD* 'Bubba' is recently off the track and currently turned out. He has been with the same trainer since he was a yearling and they know every inch of this cute guy. He has tons of personality and demands respect, which he deserves. He has not been evaluated under saddle yet but he is very good on the ground and once started will not last long! Bubba has an old splint that does not affect him and is 100% sound. Grab this boy now before his price goes up. Only available to an excellent home, he is very special to his trainer.

'Silver Lips'
'09 16.3 TB Gelding

*SOLD* Lips is a well bred, well put together goofy boy. He is loaded with personality and a fantastic mover. He is recently off the track (7/7/14) but only trained and is unraced. He loves his buddies and is very playful in the field. He is very low in the herd so does well with easy going friends. This boy is from the Storm Cat line so will do well with a job as he loves to work and will excel at whatever job is asked of him. From what we have seen he is easy and agreeable under saddle. More information will be available after we have more time with him.

'Core of Steal'
16.2 '08 Gelding

*SOLD* Steal just finished his racing career and retired sound. He is a tremendous athlete with a huge shoulder and great movement. He is easy to deal with and has a great head on his shoulders. Steal would benefit from some down time as he just raced 5/31/14 and is up for adoption to only an approved home.

'Count Your Sins'
16.1 '10 TB mare

*SOLD* Sinful is a stunning mare with a huge body and great mind. She is quiet and easy going and has phenomenal movement. This girl is correct, 100% sound and healthy, and ready for a career. She would excel in the hunters or as a dressage horse but could do anything. She is unraced but did spend a short time training at the track. Sinful has been started over fences and has great form, stays quiet, and is 100% honest. Grab her now as her price will increase with training! She is priced to move and consideration will be given for a quick, uncomplicated sale.

17h '06 OTTB

*SOLD* Patches is a total sweetheart that is sound, utd on everything, has no vices, and is ready to go. He is a bit sensitive so needs a rider that is either talented or patient. He is not mean in any way and will do wonders in consistent work. Patches is an unbelievable athlete and a freak over fences. He finds his spot on his own and is extremely scopey. He is green but lopes over a 3' oxer without batting an eye. He has a lead change and is a very nice mover. This is a very fancy horse that will go very far with the right person. He has great ground manners and trailers well. Negotiable for quick sale to the right home.

'Call Your Shot'
'10 17.1 TB

*SOLD* Shooter is a big baby with an outstanding personality. He has the looks, movement, jump, and personality to go very far. He is uphill and carries himself well. He is gorgeous to look at with impeccable confirmation and huge, great feet. He has just been started over fences but acts and jumps like a horse with years of mileage. This boy is carry a crop quiet and dead honest to fences. He would excel in dressage or hunters but could also event or do jumpers if you could get him to move! He is great in the barn, for the farrier, to trailer, ect and has zero vices or lameness issues. Shooter had a short career on the track but has clean legs and no injuries. He could easily pass for a warmblood as he does not act or look TB. This lovely horse is currently in training and ready to start a competitive career.

16.1 '07 TB Gelding

*SOLD* Cory is a very fancy gelding with beautiful movement and tons of chrome to get you noticed! He is stunning to look at and turns heads everywhere he goes. Cory has competed in hunters and jumpers but is more of a push ride so would be suited best as a hunter or dressage horse. He hacks out quietly and is not spooky. Cory has been shown up to 3'6" and has the potential for much more

'08 15.3 TB Mare


'Max's Gold'
'05 16.3 TB Gelding

*SOLD* Max is a very big boned gelding with a sweet personality. He trained at the track but is unraced. Max has spent most of his life sitting in a field until his owner passed away and he was sent to us to find a job. He can be a little nervous but does nothing mean or wrong and is very quiet under saddle. We just started Max in work and he retains everything day to day. Although he is getting a late start in life he is a sound, healthy prospect with tons of potential. We will get pictures of him under saddle shortly. Max is priced low and just needs to find a great home. No vices or soundness issues at all.

'Fancy Dude'
17.1 '10 TB Gelding

*SOLD* Tickle is an exceptional young prospect. He is tall, leggy, and extremely elegant. This youngster is still filling out and when he is done will be a show stopper. A barn and trainer's favorite, Tickle is quiet and has an amazing mind. He is beginner safe under saddle and is sweet and playful. He was started here at our farm and went to the track briefly where it was clear he was not a racehorse. We joke at the farm that he spends 23 hours a day sleeping, waking up only to eat. We are currently working on his flatwork and he has been started lightly over fences due to his size and age. He is honest and easy to jump and very quiet on trails. This is a very fancy boy that has a great mind as well, he is the whole package. No vices or soundness issues.

'Family Chief'
17 hand '08 TB.

*SOLD* Chief is a very athletic prospect that would excel in eventing or jumpers. His correct, uphill build makes him very athletic and he has a great work ethic to go with it. This boy loves to work! He could use a little work on his ground manners but under tack Chief is all business. He is honest to fences and very bold but not strong cross country. We have taken him cross country schooling and to several local shows and he is great away from home and trailers well. Chief had a very successful career on the track winning 6 races and retired sound last fall. He was turned out for the winter and started in work this spring. He has a great foundation and is ready to go. Our vet did flexions on him may 7, and he is 100% sound and will vet. Chief is currently in training and his price will increase with mileage.

17.2 '05 TB gelding.

*SOLD* Shady is an upper level prospect with enormous athletic talent. He has a strong personality but is not mean or difficult. This boy is very large bodied and strong and has a huge jump. He is a very nice mover and will hold himself in a lovely frame. Shady loves to jump at one time jumped our fence which is over 5'. He has been schooled to 4' and made no effort. He has a lead change and is ready to pursue a competitive career in jumpers or eventing. His movement will land him great dressage scores but I think this boy would be bored as a dressage horse. Grab him now, this a very talented horse at a bargain price.

'Stormy Harbor'
'05 16.1 TB gelding.

*SOLD* Harbor is a huge, lofty mover with a fun, easy attitude. He has a sense of humor and will grab your jacket or hat if you are not careful! While animated on the ground he knows his manners and is quiet under saddle. His canter rides like a 17 hand horse with a huge step and tons of presence. He was very lightly raced with only 4 starts and has been a trail horse prior to coming to Ballyclare. He is currently in training and is entertaining us in the process. Please contact us for more information on this very fun horse.

'Z Happy Cat'
Stocky 16 hand '05 TB gelding.

*SOLD - Congrats to Edwin*
Happy only has 5 starts and has been a pleasure horse most of his life. This talented boy has a very powerful jump and auto changes. Happy has a very fancy look to him and will make a lovely eq, jumper, or dressage horse. He has done beginner lessons and traveled all over to schooling shows and combined tests. Happy has no vices or soundness issues.

**Price reduced as we need room for training horses coming in. Grab this lovely horse now, he is a steal!

'Pi Squared'
Pretty '08 15.3 mare.

*SOLD - Congrats to Melissa Grigorian*
Pi has huge potential in the hunter ring. She is put together well and has a huge stride with no knee action and will be a hack winner. She has a kind eye and sweet expression. Pi did have an old injury on one of her hocks that is purely cosmetic and does not affect her movement or soundness at all. She is recently off the track and is currently enjoying some time off. Pi has no lameness issues or vices.

This girl is quiet!! Pi is now going well on the flat and being brought along easily by a teenager. She looks and acts like a quarter horse and could step into a hack class and win tomorrow. Drop the reins and enjoy the ride on this one, although she sticks around 15.3 she is large bodied and has a huge stride.

'Gallant Performer'
Lovely 17 hand '10 TB mare.

*SOLD* Spyder is all legs. She is a lovely jet black with a personality to die for. Her dishy baby face and kind eye make this big girl unresistable. She is 100% sound with no vices and has great ground manners. She will stand all day and soak up attention. Spyder has a huge stride and big, floaty canter. She has a natural lead change and is very willing. She is not spooky or hot in any way. She is currently working on her flatwork and will soon be started over fences.

'Show The Way'
Solid 16.3 '06 gelding.

*SOLD* Bentley is a class act. He had a successful career and retired sound from the track. He is quiet enough for a beginner but has the potential to do just about anything. With a big body and lovely shoulder he has a huge stride and 'rides like a Cadillac'. This boy has excellent ground manners and is easy to do just about anything with. Bentley has a great lead change and has been started over fences. He has an old ankle that has been set for years and does not bother him one bit. He is sound and healthy. This is a very nice horse with a ton of class that just needs miles. We were told when we picked him up that he is a mild cribber at feeding time, but have not seen him crib once since being on the farm.

'Tee Kee T'
Super sweet '09 16.1 tb mare.

*SOLD* Molly was very lightly raced with only 5 starts. She is built very correct with long legs and a beautiful face. She has great ground manners and is a nice mover with a very nice jump. Molly is a typical tb mare in that she is very sweet but can be sensitive under saddle. She does not have any buck, rear, or spook but is very sensitive to the aids and would do best with somebody that has experience with ottb's.

'Con Artist'
16.2 TB gelding.

Conner has been at Ballyclare his whole life. He is a 16 year old 16.2 TB gelding that has done a bit of everything. He has done dressage, hunters, and even foxhunted. He excels in the hunter ring and loves taking care of beginner riders. He is a great confidence builder but can be fun for a more advanced rider as well. He is available for full or partial on-farm lease only.