Shed-Row Stall
Main Barn Stall
Full Care Main Barn
-Includes all daily grooming, bathing, mane pull, and clipping (face, ears)
Partial Training
-Includes daily grooming and 2 training sessions per week
Full Training
-Includes daily grooming and 4 training sessions per week

*** All horses will be checked daily for injury, lost shoes, and illness. Horses must be kept up to date on current vaccination and worming program. De-worming will be provided for cost of dose. ***

Ballyclare Farm offers a restart program for horses fresh off the track. This is a great way for those a little apprehensive to buy straight from the racetrack but don't necessarily have the budget to buy something that has been restarted. All horses are treated as individuals, we do not follow the same program for every horse. Some horses require a lengthy let down period to decompress physically and/or emotionally while others are ready to step right in to work. We will help you figure this out and using nutrition as well as training will make sure your horse gets a healthy and proper start to their new life.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a second location. This location is solely low cost field boarding for retirees or babies. There is no ring or riding facilities. There are large pastures and oversized stalls with run-ins with fans. Space is limited as we only keep 4-6 horses max at this location. Grain is fed once daily and horses are checked for injury or illness. Board is $250.

Contact Kerry Shanahan at 301-642-1997 or by e-mail at for more information.

All horses in training are treated as if they are our own. They are given maximum turn-out and worked frequently out of the ring or on trails. Thorough groundwork is used to ensure horses have a good base before more advanced training. Taking horses to local shows, combined tests, or even hunter paces can be included in training packages. Owners are welcome to visit anytime and take an active role in their horses training with lessons on our school horses encouraged.